Automatisch gespeicherter Entwurf

img_9157-jpgHey all you fuzzy folks and glamorous gals,

we are exited to hit the road on friday to tour our second home in Northern Germany, the Meisenfrei Blues Club in Bremen.

For the third time in a row we will burn some rubber on stage to get you well prepared for those cooler autumn days that are already knocking on your door.

But still we will make your temperature rise high, so – especially to the ladies – don’t put on so much, we will make you dance till you can sweat no more in this cozy li’l house of blues.

See you all on Friday at around nine pm. BUY TICKET!

The BoyZZ

Automatisch gespeicherter Entwurf


Maaaaan, that was a blast!

Hitting the high road down to the austrian alps in the blazing sunshine, heading out to the beautiful setting of Faak am See.

European Bike Week 2016.

Biggest European Harley festival.


When we arrived, we were stunned by the sheer size of the stage, by the huge amount of chrome choppers which counted up to 120.000 bikes. Biggest European Harley festival, as said before.

img_1018 img_1030 img_1037 img_1039 img_1040 img_1041 img_1038


First time member of our travel party: Mark Wohlfahrt, a very talented guy who supported us in the handling of our favourite illuminated chrome polished mic stands. Not only there he did the helluva job, he also came up with a little video diary about the trip. Enjoy here:


Another newbie to the team but old friend of  Dusty was top notch photographer Carlos Goethe, who was handling our video setup (5 GoPros) and shooting some sizzling hot pics.

Enjoy his blog here:

Carlitopix-Faak am See

With unbelieveably powerful opening acts like „The Picturebooks“ and „The Brew“ from England, we were more than excited to give our best and rock some socks off.

Well, I guess we did.

We had the hell of a party with about 5000 crazy fans, a spaceship-like stage lighting and two Harleys rigged right above our heads.

Shoutouts to Hendrik Wippermann @Eat Music for making it happen, to Harley Davidson Europe and to all you crazy beer drinkin‘ and hell raisin‘ fans- hope to see U soon on the way down to the Mexican border!

Cheerz y’all