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The Beaver hunt challenge is sucessfully accomplished!


Hence we are right on our way to Worpswede, to perform one more phatt’n’greasy blues’n’boogie show at Rock im Torf in Worpswede.

Luckily, we will perform AFTER the german soccer team’s victory, so all you beer drinkers, letZZ raise some hell on a further step to winning the EM 2016!

It’s a stunning and persuasive pleasure to share the stage with our dear friends from @Bosstime – A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen. To anybody who likes to party like a BoZZ, this ist the finest Springsteen Tribute Band you can get!

Here’s all your information on the festival:

We are ready and willing to see all your Texas flags and southern banners right in the front row and we will throw the hell of a party!

Oh cometh y’all!

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Dear followerZZ and fanZZ,

long time no see, but the heavy duty boogie machine is rolling again! Heading straight towards the Beaver’s Open Air down south in Miltenberg. Weather looks promising, festival mode is on. We hope to see a blues hungry crowd in front of the INFLATABLE STAGE…yeah, you understood right. We will be performing on an INFLATABLE STAGE! We sure will see, if that MF will carry the weight of our solid, all real amps and speakers, big-hunk drum kit and that payload of heavy ZZ tunes that we are ready to deliver for your pleaZZure. Keep a prayer on your lips and your fingers croZZed and hop in to see the miracle happen. We want you!