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Dear Blues’n’Boogie lovers,

last Saturday we sure did dance with the COBRA in Solingen itself!

After a raw power support Gig from VANITY SANE, we hit the stage in front of some unbelieveably  hungry Texas Blues Rock fans.

They kept swinging and swaying until late after the midnight hour – that was the hell of a party, we can tell you…

Here’s a big „Thank You“ to the fantastic COBRA team. If you dare, we sure will be back next year 😉

In the pit, there was the extremely talented Robert Widera, a photographer who has had an incredible sense for the perfect moment. See his work attached as follows.

ThankZZ for these nice shots, mate!

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TrezHombrezPresspic201507         Cobra, Solingen

Dear boogie loverZZ and snake charmerZZ,

we are proud to announce our first gig in the smoking hot COBRA club in the heart of Solingen.

On a stage that has seen legendary acts like Mytch Ryder, Extrabreit and the top notch of Germany’s tribute band scene, we are ready and willing to shuffle off your buttZZ.

We are about to deliver some fine fillets of Texas Boogie, covered in a pinch of smoking hot jalapeno sauce right from the fields of the Mississippi delta.To get you in the right mood for swinging your hipZZ around, we will share the stage with VANITY SANE, a raw power trio like ourselves.

Showtime 20:30 point blank.

Come and taste the band!


cobra pic courtesy of: