Good evening all you funky kings and nasty dogs out there!

First some good news:

we are very happy about the first few but very nice piczz, shot at our last live show at Hafengeburtstag in Hamburg by the wonderful Mr. Carlos Goethe.

As you can see we had a great time and the crowd was freaking out down there.

TREZ HOMBREZ .- The Official ZZ TOP Tribute Band live at hafengeburtstag, hamburg 2015

Good reason enough to shout out a warm „thank you“ to all the nice people behind and in front of the stage.

If you are interested in more photos from this show, feel free to visit CarlitoPix site or get in touch with this great man on facebook.

Nevertheless, we are expecting to present some more  photos in short of time right here 🙂

The bad news, sad but true, is that our Bluezz, Beardzz & Boogie show at the Summer of Love, Peace, Arts & Music Festival in Dinslaken this Friday had to be canceled but will take place later this year.

We apologize for that and hope to see you next time, when we gonna perform ou favourite ZZ TOP tunes.

And always remember that it’s all about:

Tone, Taste & TENACITY!!!