Automatisch gespeicherter Entwurf

Hello Ladies and Gents,

man, that was a blast! After some weeks of recreation, with loaded batteries and in the legendary Meisenfrei Bluesclub in Bremen. We did play some new and some well known songs and we had the hell of a hot’n‘ sweaty blues and boogie night together. And all with no earplugzz!

Thanks for having us one more time

See ya next year,

The boys

Automatisch gespeicherter Entwurf


Hello all you BlueZZ Bastards and Cool Chicks,

today we are on the highway to the Netherlands. We are proud to be part of the „Legends Of Rock“ festival @Music Club Kampen. The running order will be:

21:00 doors open
23:15 AC/DC UK (AC/DC)
01:00 SNAGGLETOÖTH (Motörhead)

We will open the show at 9.30 pm and we will put on an extra package of fine ZZ TOP guitar lick fillets, some extra pounds of drum battering and a whole lotta fat’n’greasy bass.

This is not an April joke. CU there!


The BoyZZ