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Hello all you bearded Santa Clauses and christmas angels,

as the fall of the year lies straight ahead on our neverending road down to Mexico, we will be playing a nice, warm and cozy christmas show @Räucherei Kiel tomorrow nite. It will be the last show for this year, closing our „2016 – Aspirator“ tour. We are looking forward to having some nice relaxed and cosy christmas days with our friends and families and the bang of a new year’s eve party – and we are wishing the same to all of you rowdy x-mas bashers!

As a christmas gift we give away 2 tickets, if you can answer this question correctly:

„How many years are TREZ HOMBREZ – The Official ZZ TOP Tribute Band touring the streets up to now?“ Like, share and put your answer in the commentZZ!!!

Guess well and we’ll see you tomorrow night and have a cold cerveza and a losely rolled Bull Durham together! Good luck!

For all others: Tickets here! Show starts at 21:00! C U there!

Peace out!

The BoyZZ   😎  😎  😎



Model: Monika Pham-Buenviaje

Automatisch gespeicherter Entwurf


What a weekend! On Friday we laid down our annual legendary bluesfest @Crowded House/Oberhausen, which as always really kept up with its name. Super nice crew, some freshly draft cold cervezas and a music hungry crowd did set the stage for another rowdy tex-mex style party. Well documented by the extraordinary photographer Thomas Briem. It was our very pleaZZure to rock you up one more time, ladies ’n‘ gents.

With a lot of good jokes and less sleep in our bags, we headed further down south to Homburg/Saar on Saturday, to a venue called Musikpark Homburg, which we have never had played before. Huge location, very professionel and nice crew, with some serious disco-lighting under the hood and a nice roomy stage. We tell ya, folks – go visit that place! For it was our first show in that region, we can’t say the place was packed, due to the big room dimensions, but in the end we were rocking out for about 120 blues hungry souls. And – yeah man, the joint was jumping like a cat on hot tin. Whith some extra hot ladies, who could not help themselves any other than shaking their legs on stage with us. Check our FB page for video evidence:

They got legs, baby!

Well, well, well, another TREZ HOMBREZ hell of a party. Guess we will back not far from today!

Next Saturday we will celebrate our notorious TREZ HOMBREZ CHRISTMAZZ SHOW @Räucherei/Kiel as the end of our 2016 German tour. Check in for some X-MaZZ surprises!

C U there and then!

The BoyZZ